Monday, August 31, 2009

Room 4 were very sad to hear about Kashin being put to sleep. We have watched news reports and video clips about her. Here are some snippets of our writing about Kashin.

Kashin the elephant was put to sleep last Monday. The zoo keeper who had looked after her for 10 years was very sad. Kashin was special and I wish I could have seen Kashin and Burma together at the zoo. JC

On Monday the 24th August Kashin had a problem and so the zoo staff decided to put her to sleep. Her friend Burma was very sad. KN

Kashin lived at the Auckland zoo and she was a treasure to us. She was put to sleep by a vet. AS

People from Auckland brought flowers and pears and apples to the zoo.Some children got their faces painted like elephants. She was special. PS

Kashin has been at the zoo for 36 years. She was 40 years old. MM

Kashin didn't like Burma playing with her special tyre. Goodbye Kashin. I will miss you. KS

Click on the link below and watch Kashins 40th birthday party!
We love how she is painted with colourful patterns


  1. I really enjoyed reading those snippets from your writing. It is sad that Kashin had to be put to sleep but I am glad he isn't suffering any more. I enjoyed watching the video of Kashin too. Keep up the excellent work, everyone!

  2. hi I feel sad for kashin as well